Step #1: Register to vote. 

Step #2: Decide which way you will vote. You have 3 options, choose the best one to keep you and others healthy during the coronavirus.

Option #1: Request a mail-in-ballot.

Option #2: Vote early, in-person, at your Sarpy County Election Commission,  1102 E. 1st Street, Ste #1 Papillion Directions .

Option #3: Vote at your local Polling location.

Step #3: Spread the word. It is not enough for us to vote. We need to help our friends and family make a plan to vote. Share this link to our Vote Center.

How to vote by mail in Sarpy County

There are three steps in order to vote in Sarpy County elections by mail. If you need more information, the Sarpy County Election Commission website answers many of the most common questions.

Check Registration

Register To Vote

You must have already registered to vote in Sarpy County.


Request Ballot

Sarpy County Election Commission


Cast Your Vote by Mail

After getting your ballot, vote for Democrats and mail it or drop in the drop box.


You can use this form to apply for an early voting ballot to be mailed to you:

Early Voting Form

Applications must be physically signed and   You can take a picture or scan your request form and email to


  • January 15 – First day to accept early voting requests
  • February 15 – At 5 PM – last day for incumbents (any current office holder) to file for office on the primary election ballot.
  • March 1 – At 5 PM – last day for non-incumbents (new filers) to file for office for the primary election.
  • March 29 – Deadline to have early voting ballots ready and sent to UOCAVA voters with requests on file.
  • April 5 – First day that drop boxes are open.
  • April 8 – First day that early voting ballots are mailed to voters.
  • April 15 – First day of in-person early voting
  • April 29 – Postmark deadline for mailed voter registrations; Prior to midnight, last day voter registrations can be completed online for the person to be registered to vote for the upcoming election
  • April 29 – Agency/DMV registration deadline
  • April 29 before midnight – Online voter registration deadline
  • May 3 by 6 p.m. – Last day for in-person voter registration
  • May 3  by 6 p.m. – Last day to receive an application for early voting ballots to be mailed to a specific address
  • May 13 – Last day of in-person early voting
  • May 14 – Primary Election
  • May 14 – Deadline for return of early voting ballot in person or at a ballot drop box.


  • 1102 E. 1 Street, Papillion (northwest corner of the Sarpy County 1102 Building parking lot)
  • 1102 E. 1 Street, Papillion (walk-up option by the west doors of the Sarpy County 1102 Building)
  • 1248 Golden Gate Drive, Papillion (Sarpy County Courthouse Campus parking lot)
  • 1003 Lincoln Road, Bellevue (Bellevue Public Library parking lot)
  • 215 Enterprise Drive, Gretna (Ace Hardware’s parking lot, formerly McKinney’s Food Center)
  • 7701 S. 96th Street, La Vista (La Vista Police Department parking lot)
  • 153 S. 1st Street, Springfield (one block south of Springfield Community Center)

How to Track Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot Request and Returned Ballot

Any voter who has requested a vote by mail ballot can track online the status of his or her ballot through the link from Nebraska Secretary of State, VoterCheck.


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